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Mansuria Kung-Fu

Mansuria Kung-Fu

The Legend and Origin:
The origin of this fighting art is attributed to the warriors (Manchus, native people of Northern Chinese territory between Mongolia and Korea). Specifically, it has developed within the Imperial Guard during the last dynasty to have ruled China from 1644 to 1912.

The decline of the Qing Empire in the 19th century led to its downfall in 1911. A member of the Imperial Army, Master Wong exiled in Hong Kong, and was the firs to teach this art of Mansuria Kung-Fu to the public. Later two of his best students, Master KaLai Achony Lee and Master Lee Ling Fu spread this style globally by starting schools in the US and Europe.

Our Grand Master
Grand Master R. Sekar

The Grand Master R. Sekar, born in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu, learned this art directly from Master KaLai Achony Lee in Hong Kong. After he was back in India, The Grand Master R. Sekar founded “The International Mansuria Kung-Fu School’ in Chennai. From this humble start, in a very short span of time he spread his wings globally, by starting schools in various countries such as France, Nepal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. The Grand Master also provided training to Military, TN Police, and professional stuntmen of Indian cinema.

In 40 years of practice and teaching, he had trained more than 15,000 black belts and 40,000 students. Currently, over 1500 associations are attached to the International Association of Mansuria Kung Fu.

A direct disciple of our Grand Master
Shi Sifu – M. Kannan Master (7th Star Black Belt)

A Direct disciple of our Grand Master, he has been practicing Mansuria Kung Fu for more than 35 years now. He is now All India President and Head Chief Instructor/Technical Director/Examiner of The International Mansuria Kung-Fu School.

He is based out of Valliyur in Tirunelveli District. Black belt camps and tests are organized twice a year every year. More than 1000 black belts graduate every year under the direct guidance of Shi Sifu M Kannan Master. Participants from all over India and abroad attend training camps organized during May and December of every year. Until 2019, a total of 57 camps have been conducted by him.

Shi Sifu M Kannan Master conducts Mansuria Kung Fu classes India and in France.

Our Centre Coaches
  • Sifu V. Ashok Raj, Chief Instructor, 3rd Star Black Belt
  • Sifu B. Dhivakar, 3rd Star Black Belt
Colour Belt Rank

In Mansuria Kung Fu, before the Black belt, there are 7 colored belts “bases”

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Brown
Higher Grades

In Mansuria Kung Fu Black belt represents the beginning of a long learning: It is only the beginning, not an end. The Black belt means that the practitioner has acquired the fundamentals of this art. Of course, to become “Black Belt,” it takes years of diligent practice and a level of performance in relation to the coveted belt, it is called Dan. Each Dan involves an extra star on the belt and a matching jacket color.

  • Black Jacket: 1st Dan
  • White Jacket: 2nd Dan
  • Yellow Jacket: 3rd Dan
  • Orange Jacket: 4th Dan
  • Blue Jacket: 5th Dan
From the Club
Coaching Fees
Monday and Friday
5:00 PM to 6.30 PM - Rs. 1500 / Month
For more details with regard to any of the above training, please call +91 73052 49055.